Rolling Stone article: Thanks to ‘Sound As Ever’, the ’90s Will Last Forever

From humble beginnings, ‘Sound As Ever’ spawned a community which revels in the bygone era of the ’90s music scene, and shows no sign of slowing down.

By Tyler Jenke September 4, 2020

To paraphrase a quote frequently attributed to Charles Fleischer: “If you remember the ’90s, you really weren’t there.” Though that statement might be one rooted in tongue-in-cheek humour, it was a very real inability to remember moments from the decade that led to the creation of one of this year’s biggest local success stories – the Sound As Ever (Australian Indie 90-99) Facebook page.

It was in February – the evening of the 15th, to be precise – that renowned radio host, TV personality, journalist, and ’90s staple Jane Gazzo found herself thinking back to those unsung Aussie icons who made the decade great.

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