The Glory Box – AM song​/​Little Satellite 7″

Sound As Ever 90-99 are proud to reveal the 5th release in their fast growing catalogue of Oz indie releases; a 7” from Melbourne guitar pop band The Glory Box, who were active between 1988 and 1993, releasing a string of acclaimed 7” singles, a 12” mini album and a sole album “Fudgeland” before disbanding.

After a long period of hibernation and the occasional reformation show, The Glory Box decided to record again after a couple of decades of band inertia and….well….life. A raft of songs were recorded during 2014/2015 at Headgap and Pharmacy with the assistance of genius producer Richard Andrew. ‘AM Song’ was composed and presents with the traditional Glory Box pop guitar driven upbeat tempo and bumbling lovelorn loser narrative. Little Satellite was originally composed on laptop as a contemplative musical noodle with Keatsian ‘Bright Star’ allusions, and in due course was also given the Box treatment.