Greenhouse – Full Circles

Full Circles is a retrospective from Geelong band Greenhouse.

For those who came in late to the 90s or may have missed these guys first time ‘round, this is the perfect chance to experience the “now sound of early 90s Melbourne”. The 13 track compilation will feature remastered versions of their officially released output, as well as previously unreleased demos and tracks from triple J Live at The Wireless.

The compilation will feature artwork from the highly acclaimed artist Jim Pavlidis, as well as comprehensive liner notes within a 24-page booklet. Full Circles is available both digitally and as a special, limited edition, individually numbered Compact Disc.

We are also offering a fresh Greenhouse T-shirt, featuring their classic early 90s design and a merch bundle which includes a free (folded) poster and special badge!

Released September 11, 2021

Greenhouse – Full Circles poster.
Greenhouse – Full Circles CD, badge and t-shirt.