Jodi Phillis – Silver Stars

SILVER STARS is the second single from the forthcoming sixth solo album by independent Australian artist Jodi Phillis. ‘We Need To Be Free’ will be released in 2021 on the Sound As Ever (Australian Indie 90-99) label.

Silver Stars is a stream of consciousness, psych-pop, magic carpet ride through childhood memories, dreams and the inner realm. There are references to Jodi’s childhood, goofing around with sister Carrie, growing up in Los Angeles, Melbourne and Sydney, with precious time spent outdoors in the Australian bush.

Written by Jodi Phillis.

Vocals, acoustic guitar, some keys and percussion, recorded by Jodi on Dharawal Country.

Electric guitars, bass, orchestral arrangement and production by Damien Lane on Dharawal Country with cello by Me-Lee Hay on Darug Country and viola by Megan Gould in New York, USA.

Join Jodi as she meets her monster, who turns out to be the only one who can open the door to inner freedom. Fly with her as she astral-travels through different dimensions to re-unite with lost and distant loved ones.

During these times of travel restrictions and border closures, the idea of flying in our dreams to be with loved ones is particularly relevant!

The B-Side is DEAR UNIVERSE, written and produced by Jodi.

Video footage, animation and production design by Jodi and Quirine Van Nispen. Edited by Shelley O’Neil.